Shallow Water

Shallow Water har ligget i arkivet nesten 20 år før den riktige stemmen dukket opp. Superfint samarbeid med gullstrupen Oscar Hoset.

No Escape

Vi er veldig stolte av vår nyeste låt No Escape. Det er en fengende poplåt som klistrer seg til hjernen. På en god måte! Her har vi vokal selv. Hva synes du?


Talentfulle Aimée har deltatt som vokalist på vårt prosjekt SILENCE. Hun fortjener å bli både sett og hørt, med sine gode verdier og musikalske talent. Hun jobber også med egne låter, så forhåpentligvis er dette bare en spe begynnelse for henne. Låten er rå og trenger en krimserie!

Release 26. mars
Spirea Music feat. Aimée N

Silence is a song about the frustration and difficult feelings that occur when a relationship is starting to lack communication. The song portraits the feelings you get when someone you used to know and relate to changes their behavior and seize to communicate. This can be a very overwhelming emotion that many people can relate to. And it does not only occur in love relationship but also in familiar relations and even between groups of people or between nations.

When writing Silence, we took that emotion and setting and started to build a song around it. We tweaked the setting a little around so that the lack of words is used as a weapon to create distance and coldness between two people. And then the main person tries to disarm the conflict. It’s a desperate cry for communication and acknowledgment. The words and the melody fell pretty nicely together quite quickly. With the help of a skilled producer, the foundation of a timeless but modern pop song was made.

The talented and upcoming Norwegian artist Aimee N was invited in to lend her beautiful and melodic voice to the project, which gave the song the attitude and power it needed to become a sophisticated and dance-friendly pop song full of strong emotions, metaphors, and passion.

Vi har låtene, du har stemmen, gode verdier og et glimt i øyet!

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